Yoga Photography at Lumeria Maui

Sarah Ezrin Yoga Retreat

I loved this Yoga Retreat Photo Session. Sarah Ezrin's Yoga Retreat (organized by International Yoga) took place at Lumeria Maui in Makawao. So fun to feel the group energy & to play together! Yay for sacred geometry & human mandalas. I feel we made some very powerful images. It’s amazing to come together & make this kind of art with our bodies. 

I got to play with my super wide angle 14mm Canon prime lens while on top of a ladder to capture some of these shots while other images were created with me lying down on the ground surrounded by bodies, like a big hug. I loved all of the collaborative energy... the coming together for a common goal. The connection of flesh & spirit. This is art.

Thank you fabulous ladies! I LOVED working with you all! This was SO much fun! I cherish all of your giggling & generosity of spirit. Teamwork makes the dream work. Together we weave a tapestry & bridge humanity. I especially love how the images of your hands turned out. Hands coming together symbolizes so much. These images feel alive & universal.

Thank you Lumeria Maui for the sacred space. Thank you to this amazing group of yoginis. And thank you Sarah for bringing everyone together & making this happen! Such an honor to collaborate with you! I love who you are & all that you share with our world!

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