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Hartigan Family

I went to high school with Erin & have known Erin & her family since Kindergarten. Such an honor to do this family photoshoot on Maui for my childhood friend. So special!

The Hartigans know how to do it right. Having an annual family meet up at the Four Seasons Maui is quite brilliant. Family time is so important & Maui is such an amazing multi-generational gathering place to bask in the glory of it all. 

I loved our playtime together at Wailea Beach. It was a gorgeous Maui day & I loved watching you all soak in the peaceful beach environment together. Your family dynamic is so precious - so much giggling, so much joy & so much love! I loved meeting adorable baby Jack & I am so excited to see him grow up! 

Maui family photography sessions warm my heart. These photoshoots are truly special beyond words. There is nothing like family time in nature on Maui… & photography is such a timeless sacred mirror! It is an honor to witness families soaking in the moment together & creating magical memories. I love documenting your relaxation, personalities, quirks, connection, love & laughter. Thank you to all of the amazing families that invite me into your world.

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