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Engage, inform, & inspire!

Commercial photography is strategic visual content that tells the story of you and your brand. I work closely with you to stylize and create powerful imagery that inspires authentic, emotional connections to your products and services. I partner with Maui branding agency FLYING 'OKOLE who adds tremendous value and branding expertise to your commercial photography project.

I look forward to getting to know you and your business! Let's create photography that genuinely represents you, your brand and inspires your ideal customers / clients.

Maui Commercial Photography

  • Lifestyle Brand Photography

    The lifestyle you want to inspire through your brand. Tell your unique story.

  • Food Photography

    "You eat first with your eyes." The art of appetite. Your culinary delight is the star!

  • Fashion Photography

    Create natural, authentic swagger for your apparel.

  • Yoga Photography

    Impactful art. Body, mind, heart & spirit. Yogis, retreats & brands.

  • Fitness Photography

    Strength, power, endurance, flexibility, grace, inspiration & action photography.

  • Architectural / Interior Photography

    Highlight the ambiance of your restaurant, business, venue, home, etc.

  • Product Photography

    Sell your products! Lifestyle & studio sessions. Background extraction.

  • Event Photography

    Capture & share the excitement of your corporate events, concerts & parties.

  • Editorial Photography

    Stylize & promote your story. Print & Digital.


"I have had the privilege of working with Chelsea a few times now & if possible, I try to shoot with her every visit to Maui. She’s so amazing to work with, from her awesome energy, to her incredible talent. I refer everyone I know to her & they all are so thrilled with the quality of her work, but also the relationship they form with her. Do yourself a favor & work with this woman!!!!"

Sarah Ezrin Yoga Photoshoot featured in LA Yoga Magazine

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engage, inform & Inspire

Professional Photography makes you shine

Every great brand has a unique & inspiring personality. I look forward to getting to know you & your business.

My Commercial Photography rates are customized & available upon request.

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