Maui Newborn Photography

Baby Kian

Baby Kian is here!! What a magical day. Having done Clarissa & Cristian's Maternity photos, it was an extra special privilege to do this Newborn Photography Session with the Diaz family.

What a precious little fella. He is just the absolute cutest. He truly couldn’t be any more amazing! Beyond words!

What a blessing to witness & document all the adorable details… the peace of Kian’s beingness… his freshness & newness… eyelashes, fingers, toes, & skin that glows! So many precious intimate moments. We had a lot of fun with Kian in a magical unicorn outfit. Kian’s grandparents also joined us & were glowing with pride. 

Ahhh, so much beautiful energy & love in this home! Kian is a lucky boy to grow up in this family. Clarissa & Cristian I am so excited to see little Kian grow & your family continue to blossom. Thank you for inviting me into this sacred time of your lives. It’s been a true honor.

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