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Maui Spikeless Brand Photography

Had so much fun on this brand photoshoot for the local company Maui Spikeless. Owner Dave Elberg was one of the first to pioneer spikeless palm trimming here on Maui. I also did two brand photoshoots for his previous business Pure Life Palm & Tree Care in the past.

The purpose of this brand photoshoot for Maui Spikeless was to create marketing materials & content for Dave's website (designed by FLYING 'OKOLE).

Coconut palms are so sacred & magnificent. They deserve to be honored & cared for in the highest ways. Climbing the palms with spikes makes holes in the trunk that the palms can never recover from. Climbing spikeless is much safer for the climber & also way better for palm health & sustainability!
It’s been super fun to witness the field of spikeless coconut palm climbing & trimming evolve here on Maui over the years. Essentially hunting platforms were adopted into palm climbing gear. It’s amazing to watch the climbers use these platforms. I love the courage & strength this job requires. The climbers are amazing - they really rock the acrobatic magical palm dance! 
It’s inspiring to witness & photograph the climb, the rappel, the descent, the clean up process, the maintenance… the connection between humans & nature. The sustaining of things… The stewardship, the sculpting, the safety & art with the land, the ‘āina. This is life as art. I love the art of telling the story of this landscaping work in a glamorous & connected way. Bless the views!! And ALL that the palms & people provide. 
I am so grateful to feel this connection with the ‘āina & the people who steward the ‘āina, providing for the palms towering over us & the beings below. I love that I get to document the coco climbing jedis & that I often have a juicy rack of cocos on my porch. I feel so blessed to use my commercial photography to help promote this amazing Maui business & to spread environmental sustainability & consciousness!
Cheers to taking much better care of our precious beautiful earth & all the amazing life she sustains. Cheers to food sovereignty, eating local & giving back to the land wherever we are on the planet. Cheers to feeling quenched & held by our beautiful mother earth as we reciprocally hold & honor her with the utmost tender love, respect & action! Mālama Pono is one of my favorite Hawaiian phrases… Let us nurture in balance! 🙂 
Thank you Dave & Maui Spikeless for this epic brand photoshoot & for taking care of our beautiful Maui coconut palms.

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