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I love sunrise photoshoots. I have also been into yoga my entire life so yoga photography sessions are extra exciting for me. This Maui beach sunrise yoga portrait session was my jam! True alchemy & magic.

We had a beautiful sunrise at Baby Beach on the North Shore with cotton candy pink skies & golden light. Ahh, the subtleties of twilight & the big reveal of going from dark to light…literally illuminating! I love the energy of early mornings & I’m in love with early morning light. So peaceful... So soft, calm, bright & clear.

Working with Sarah Ezrin Yoga was dreamy. What an epic, heart-centered, graceful, beautiful human… Sarah is based out of San Fransisco, California but was here on Maui leading a yoga retreat. Sarah is a motivator, writer, yoga teacher, teacher trainer & is changing the world every day teaching self-love. She has a background in psychology & is also a certified life coach. Sarah is a regular contributor for Yoga Journal, LA Yoga & Yoga International. She is also sponsored by numerous conscious fitness companies including LululemonAthleta & Manduka.

It’s not just all these accolades that impress me though - it’s who she is inside, underneath it all… Sarah really cares about helping people. She digs into super tough topics that need universal discussion & healing. She understands the importance of keeping it real. Her vulnerable sharing is so relatable, & her wisdom, insights & tools empower us all in our evolution as humans! Heartfelt inspiration!

LA Yoga Magazine

A couple of the photos from this sunrise session got featured by the socially responsible B corporation Athleta. A photo from this session was also published in LA Yoga Magazine (Dec/Jan 2019) on the front of the Teacher Training Guide. So much fun!!

Sarah, what an honor & joy to work with you sister! Thank you for sharing this glorious sunrise with me & for all of your divine inspiration & friendship!

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